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Past offerings:

Introduction to Scientific Illustration of Moths and Butterflies
      Study butterfly and moth specimens while learning artist techniques for realistic renderings.  Scientific discussion to include anatomy, physiology and life cycle of Lepidoptera.  Interactive computer programs and microscopic examination are utilized to further scientific exploration.
       Students receive a full color poster of the Life Cycle of the Cecropia Moth. 

Introduction to Anatomical Illustration
      Explore the anatomy and physiology of frogs while performing
"mock" dissection on frog models.  Learn Medical Illustrator's techniques
for anatomical illustration while drawing from live frogs and models.

Introduction to Embryology
         Explore the embryology of birds over the four week incubation of
duck eggs.  Observe embryo development of ducks first hand through candling of incubating eggs and prepared microscope slides.  Students will learn and practice medical illustrators techniques as they draw the stages
of embryo development.   
Class sizes  limited to 8

Class price: $85.00 per two week session, supplies included

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